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Small apartment interior design ideas is one of the most popular home interior trends that associated with the limited space in this modern era. Do not worry about the word "small" because you can still make it as the sensational interior design. You just need to find some references and combine them with your creative ideas to produce the best design. You should really consider accessories and furniture that will fill your apartment. Select a specific theme that does not require a lot of accessories since it can make your room become increasingly narrow. One of the themes that suitable applied to small apartment is contemporary design that related to modern style. How to Arrange Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas You should focus on the function of each room in your apartment. This is a principle of modern minimalist interior design that emphasizes functionality and neatness of the room. Choose neutral colors that are not too flashy like beige, ivory white, brown, and gray to bring calm and peaceful atmosphere. The small room is not suitable to use too bright colors because they can bend the light which makes the room look narrow and cluttered. Besides color, you also have to pay attention to the selection of furniture design. It is recommended to avoid classic furniture that full of carvings for it can narrow your decor. The Suitable Lightings in Small Apartment Lighting is also one of the most influential factors in interior design, especially in a small room. As natural light, fill your room with big windows. It will bring a sensation of freshness while you rest in the apartment. Put also some natural elements such as stone or decorative indoor plants. As a source of light at night, use a simple chandelier for the living room. It is enough to make your apartment into a comfortable and enjoyable place.