The Most Luxurious Modern Bathroom with Bath

Modern bathroom with bath is the first choice for those who seek comfort when take a bath. Besides being used as a place to bring freshness to the body, it can also be a very smart means of relaxation. Placing a bathtub in the bathroom has become a necessity in modern bathroom design. Modern designs use this as a strategy to make the bathroom looks functional and beautiful. Without prejudice to the aesthetics value, you can also choose bathroom furniture in unique designs and colors. Modern bathroom does not have to be spacious and luxurious bathroom. You can change your minimalist bathroom into the very modern and not outdated room.

Black and White Modern bathroom with Bath

One of the most popular designs in the 2014 is a black and white bathroom design. This is one of the color blends that become the characteristic of modern design. In addition, this combination gives a very elegant impression to the whole look of your bathroom. You can use a black marble for flooring and lining of the bathroom walls. To give a soft impression, you can combine black with natural or ivory white in a bathtub and bathroom cabinet.

Tips in Designing Modern Bathroom

As already mentioned before, you can apply modern design in your minimalist space as long as you can apply some specific strategies in designing minimalist bathroom. You do not need to use too big bathtub because it can make your bathroom look narrow. In addition, add the mirror above the sink. Besides making the room look more spacious, the mirror is also very vital decorative furniture for the modern bathroom. Add potted plants to bring natural freshness in the bathroom. It is better when you provide some aromatherapy candle in order to give the comfortable shades when bathing.